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Classical Transparent Ink  

The Classical Transparent is similar to traditional fountain pen ink; the Liquid Gouache ink is just what it says it is; the Permanent Pigmented ink has the properties and feel of 'Indian' ink and the Natural Historical inks are made from ancient recipes and biological pigments. All available in a 30 ml glass bottle.
I was recently given the opportunity to test and review this excellent range of inks - a big job with so many qualities and colours, but very exciting. I've listed below the tests that were carried out, the results and conclusions.

ink swatchEach ink colour, in each range, were subjected to the following tests:- their water solubility, staining and drying properties; their 'flow' and character on a cross section of different papers; their use with various dip, fountain and other pens; their use with sable and synthetic brushes; their transparent or opaque qualities; the lightfast qualities of these inks were already established.

The papers they were tested on - cheap stationary paper and card; Croxley; Basildon Bond; Bristol Board; Bockingford watercolour paper; Saunders Waterford watercolour paper Rough and Hot Pressed.

The pens used in these tests:- Dip pen nibs - Brause; Mitchell; Gillott and Leondart, with and without reservoirs.
Other pens - Quill, Reed, Ruling and Automatic pens.
Fountain pens - Sheaffer; Parker and Osmiroid bladder fill; Pelikan piston fill.
Technical pens - Rotring Isograph and Pelikan Graphos.
A selection of brushes both sable and synthetic.

All inks in the Penman range are Ph neutral, non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally friendly.


The Classical Transparent Inks.

These inks offer a wide spectrum of colours, made from the highest quality, full strength natural dyes to provide maximum resistance to light and ageing.
The translucent colours have a bright, rich tone, are water soluble and Ph neutral. Excellent luminosity, smooth and free flowing, with no spluttering or skidding.
All colours are intermixable. Most have staining properties, in that the ink leaves a stain on the paper after water is applied.
The Classical Transparent ink range are suitable for use with :- Dip pens; Quill, Reed or Calame; Fountain pens (except Mont Blanc, as using ink other than their own voids the warranty); Technical and Ruling pens, Automatic pens, brushes, also the Airbrush.

Recommended surfaces: HP watercolour paper; Bristol board or card; good quality writing and/or smooth surfaced papers.

The colour range, made from swatches of the inks applied to bright white Bristol board.

CTI01 yellow Sulphur Yellow - very clear bright yellow

CTI02 amber yellow Amber Yellow - clean colour with a leaning towards orange

CTI03 yellow jasper Yellow Jasper - dull ochre yellow

CTI04 orange amber Orange Amber - orange with a slight red undertone

CTI05 carnelian red Carnelian Red - bright red with a very slight lean towards orange

CTI06 jasper red Jasper Red - fairly balanced red

CTI07 scar;et ruby Scarlet Ruby - red/pink with bright colour

CTI08 hazel onyx Hazel Onyx - a burnt orange

CTI09 cherry opal Cherry Opal - a dull red with a purple feel to it

CTI11 fushia quartz Fuchsia Quartz beautiful very intense colour

CTI12 violet agate Violet Agate - purple with a leaning towards blue

CTI13 lilac agate Lilac Agate - deep rich purple

CTI14 agate blue Agate Blue - good 'fountain pen' blue

CTI15 aquamarine blue Aquamarine Blue - blue with a slight lean towards green

CTI16 torquise agate Turquoise Agate - very bright colour

CTI17 amazonite green Amazonite Green - a deep blue green

CTI18 peridot green Peridot Green - green with a yellow undertone, good mixing green

CTI19 moss green Moss Agate - slightly bluer and darker than the Peridot

CTI20 olive peridot Olive Peridot - dull olive with a slight grey look on paper

CTI21 sepia quartz Sepia Quartz - warmer than a lot of sepia colours

CTI22 obsidian brown Obsidian Brown - rich dark, cool brown

CTI23 grey hematite Grey Hematite - blue black similar to a Payne's grey

CTI24 jet black Jet Black - rich black with a slightly purple feel.

two inksThey all intermix, good if you wish to make a colour unique to you.

This letter 'R' was produced with a No. 8 Automatic pen loaded with Agate Blue in one spine and Turquoise Green in the other. It was applied to 115 lb Bristol Board - shown larger than actual size.An excellent range of colours for the Artist, Calligrapher, Illustrator, Scribe, Illuminator, Decorative and Graphic Artist.

Easy to use, quick drying with very good lightfast properties.

Click for the Liquid Gouache Ink or Natural Historical ink or Permanent Pigmented

Some interesting and insightful comments about these inks can be found on this forum link  

These inks are available online from J and T's Art and Calligraphy and Dip Pen Nibs

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