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This painting techniques section, which is continually expanding, has information, demonstrations and
step by step projects, not only from myself, but other artists as well. It's hoped this will give a good cross section
of different painting methods, techniques and skills you may enjoy trying or learning about.

Oil Painting Techniques

oil painted anemonies
A step by step guide to painting flowers with oils wet-on-wet. A Hibiscus flower painted using oil paint on canvas. Wet-on-wet Hibiscus flower
An Amaryllis flower, painted wet-on-wet using oils paint. The tutorial is in easy stages to paint the flower and leaves. Amaryllis oil painting project
Colour mixing information especially for oil paint - what you need to know to help with mixing oil colours. colour mixing and how to avoid 'making mud'
Painting techniques to use when oil painting with warm and cool colours from the 'colour wheel'. About 'Colour' used in painting
Painting mediums can cause confusion for those new to oil painting, if you would like to know more about using them, try this page. Zest-it Clear Painting Medium.
New Use this link if you would like to know more about how to give a final protective varnish to your oil painting. Using Damar Picture Varnish
If you would like to have a try at making your own varnish for oil painting, then please visit this page. (updated) Make you own Damar Varnish
New If you would like to have a try at making your own oil painting medium, then please visit this page. Make you own Painting Medium
Tole Painting Techniques strawberry
Tole painting and a little history about Traditional Tole painting can be found on these pages on our Zest-it site. traditional tole history
Single Leaf Tole painting project. A step by step guide showing the method of painting a single leaf using oil paint. Single leaf oil painting demo
New An Art-E-book covering the Single Leaf project with extra text and images is available in PDF format from.
Very popular page of basic Tole brush strokes using oil paint. tole brush strokes 
About One-stroke brushes for Tole painting using oil paint, also suitable for use with other media. One Stroke Brushes
Tole Wild Rose project, an easy project using oil paint with step by step instruction. wild rose project to try
Another project, slightly more complicated using only a few colours but lots of different tones and strokes stroke design
Pen and Ink bottle of ink
New Need to remove Indian and Permanent Ink from your dip pen nibs? Have a look at the Zest-it Dip Pen Nib Cleaner, since its introduction earlier this year it has become very popular - 'efficiently does the job!' Dip Pen Nib Cleaner
New A guide to using Pelikan inks for fountain and dip pen. Pelikan inks
Zest-it ® and Zentangles ® If you've not tried Zentangles, have a look at Jane Monk's blogspot for an excellent tutorial on using Pencil Blend with her tangles. You can purchase her blending kit for Zentangles on her website. Pencil Blend
Inking Backgrounds is a new book about making your own backgrounds using Permanent ink, for use with calligraphy, oil pastels, coloured pencils and oil paint.
Now also available as a PDF from our Art-ebooks website. New
Inking Backgrounds
The Pen and Ink section has the links below plus others, including fitting reservoirs to dip pen nibs. Pen and ink
The properties of ink and its use with dip pens, getting the ink to flow, types of ink to use and more. Properties Ink and its use
Automatic Lettering and Calligraphy Pen, with a unique nib that writes in any direction and is easy to use. Automatic Pens
 Classical Transparent, Liquid Gouache, Permanent Pigment (India ink) and Natural Historical Ink About these Inks
Dip Pen nibs for drawing - an introduction into the type of dip pen nib to use in pen and ink drawing and how to choose them. Dip Pen Nibs
Vintage dip pen nibs and many others at our new online shop for those interested in anything Pen and Ink. Dip pen nib shop
Coloured Pencil coloured pencils
Zest-it ® and Zentangles ® If you've not tried Zentangles, have a look at Jane Monk's blogspot for an excellent tutorial on using Pencil Blend to blend coloured pencils to add colour to her tangles. Blending Coloured Pencils
If you are new to blending Coloured pencils and blending techniques using Zest-it, you may find some insights using the link. Coloured Pencil Blending
New Karen was kind enough to send a link to a super Tutorial she has done on Coloured Pencil "Portraits using Zest-it Pencil Blend". Pencil Blend Tutorial by Karen Hull
New Terri uses a brush to blend her CP's and she demonstrates this in the video link. Terri pencil blending video
Lots of information, interesting links and artists demo's on using Coloured Pencils, different papers and solvents. Making a mark
Zest-it Blending Sponge for blending Coloured pencils. Blending Sponge
Parchment Craft parchment
New Parchment 'freebies' from Karen Shaw in Ireland Parchment Worldwide
Blending Coloured pencil on Parchment paper, using the Blending Sponge and inking using a dip pen nib. Blending and Inking on Parchment
This parchment craft was supplied by a good friend of mine who teaches. parchment techniques
Parchment craft workshops and has some free patterns, also hint and tips. kingfisher crafts
Zest-it Blending Sponge for use with brushes, tortillions and paper stumps for coloured pencil on parchment. Available from Jacksons Art Supplies Blending Sponge
Lovely Parchment work by Aileen Childs, she also has free patterns. Parchment work
Christine Coleman Parchment craft, with DVD, patterns and helpful advice. Christine Coleman  
Oil Pastel oil pastels
The in-depth Oil Pastel page on covers surfaces that can be used, blending the pastels and using Zest-it with Oil pastels.  Oil pastels
Gouache gouache mushroom
New Gouache Painting Techniques is a new book I've produced, to help those wishing a solid introduction into using Gouache.  Gouache Painting Techniques
"Gouache Painting Techniques with Jacqui Blackman" in PDF format to help those wishing a solid introduction into using Gouache.  Gouache Painting Techniques PDF format New

An Introduction to Gouache paint, it's properties and painting techniques. Gouache Paint
Liquid Gouache Ink, super, easy to use alternative to tube Gouache. Liquid Gouache Ink
General colour wheel
Regardless of the medium used, the information on these pages relating to colour, colour mixing, tonal values and the colour wheel still applies.
These are on my other site at Zest-it - just click the X in the top right hand corner to close the window.
colour wheel
tonal values
colour mixing
Silk Painting silk artist
Silk painting techniques, galleries and instructions can be found on Leonard Thompson's site. silk painting instructions.
Egg Tempera  
Egg Tempera - an introduction and step by step instructions. egg tempera instructions.
Beautiful Egg Tempera paintings with emulsion recipes and instructions. by James Eddie
Watercolour jb beech wood
Jane paints mainly flowers with lovely vibrant backgrounds. Jane Betteridge
Pete Saw and I have been friends for a long time, with many discussions about the merits of oil and watercolour painting! Good projects to try. Pete Saw's website
Projects at paint doodles
Realistic Trees in Watercolour is now on DVD with some clips to give an insight into the contents. Realistic Trees in Watercolour
Graphite/Pencil thatched cottage in pencil
Pencil sketch with the pencil marks and methods used to render the drawing, more drawings can be found in the Pencil Gallery with technique information alongside. cottage

Pencil Gallery

Pastel pastel painting
The Pastel Gallery has been updated with some close up detail of the strokes used. Pastel step by step are in the pipeline. Beech wood
Over the wall.  

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