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 Gallery of Watercolour paintings.

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For most of my Watercolours I draw the subject first. I use a variety of papers depending on the subject and effect I wish to create, but usually 100% rag. I use two palettes of colours, one for landscapes, one for flowers and an array of brushes.
I find Arches Rough excellent for landscapes where I want texture in the finished work, Saunders Waterford and Whatman for most other landscapes and flowers.


alders by the lynn

tree ivy

Sunflower 18" x 14" on 140 lb. Whatman paper. (not for sale)
Click for a larger view

Alders by the River Lynn. Painted on Arches
140 lb rough.

Part of a demonstration painting concerning depicting Ivy growing on trees, click for a larger view.

tree by the river

iris on saunders waterford hot pressed (HP) watercolour paper

Quick demo painting on Saunders Waterford 200 lb Rough. (nfs)


Iris.8.5" x 4.5" on Saunders 90lb Hot Pressed. (nfs)

barn at manor farm

watercolour iris petal painting

farm lane

Barn at Manor Farm. 14.0" x 10.0" on 200 lb. Arches w/c paper. Sold

Close-up of the petal from the Iris painting above.

Farm Lane. 11.5" x 8.5" on 140 lb. Arches. Sold

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