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Gallery of Pencil sketches and drawings.

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pencil sketch of a beech tree on cartridge paper

The humble pencil has much to offer many artists.

sunflower draw in pencil on cartridge paper

Sketch of a Beech Tree drawn from life. 10" x 8" on 90 lb cartridge paper.
Pencil sketch of a Beech Tree.

Pencil sketch of a Sunflower drawn from life. 10" x 8" on 90 lb cartridge paper.
Sunflower in pencil.

quick pencil sketch of a thatched cottage

farm track sketched in pencil

More detail about this quick sketch can be found by clicking the link.
Pencil sketch of a cottage.


This pencil sketch of the Farm Track was for a Watercolour painting. 12" x 10" on 140 lb paper.

dilapidated barn in pencil and watercolour pencil

Sharpening your pencil to a
point with a knife, gives a 'long' wood cut and therefore better visibility of the lead.

rose drawing rendered in pencil

12" x 10"
 Pencil and Derwent watercolour pencil, for this poor old barn.
Drawn from life.


This Rose pencil sketch, is of a very old variety with yellow to deep orange petals and has a wonderful smell - sorry I don't know it's name.

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