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Having spent years as a Draughtswoman, ink in all it's forms is a very familiar medium and one I'm always happy to work with, especially for detailed ink drawing and brush work.

I use many inks including Indian ink with a dip pen. For a technical pen and ruling pen I use Pelikan Drawing Ink A this was the 'best standard' of ink for many drawing offices where the work was an archival nature. All inks will work with a dip pen nib, sable and sign writing brushes, Drawing Ink A is my ink of choice.

Click any of the following links to read my review of the Penman Inks, this includes the Liquid Gouache ink and the Permanent Pigmented ink both of which are excellent to work with.

dip pen and drawing ink A

A dip pen nib is often the only suitable nib for some inks, especially iron gall ink.

thatched cottage with drawing ink

Tree Stump.
A Gillott 303 dip pen nib and Pelikan Drawing Ink A for this quick drawing on Watercolour paper. Executed using simple pen strokes the spacing between the strokes giving the shading.

Thatched Cottage.
Small part of a drawing using a Joseph Gillott 303 drawing nib and Vine Black (Permanent Pigmented ink), on 115 lb Bristol card. Many different strokes to give the overall effect of trees and thatch.

ivy leaf drawing

A Pen Wipe is the best, simple piece of equipment, for working with dip pen nibs.

technical pen and pointillism technique

Ivy Leaf.
This was just a quick pen and ink drawing, using the Gillott 170 nib and Penman Classical Transparent Ink. Perhaps a little 'thin' for good dip pen work but can be used.


Ink in a technical pen, using a pointillism technique on HP paper. Part of an 8" x 10" picture. The space between the dots gives the light and shade to the drawing, this can also be acheived by the size of the dots.

rose drawing in sepia ink and a rigger brush

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rose drawing rendered in sepia ink

Maturing Rose.
Sepia Ink and a rigger brush on Hot Pressed paper.
10" x 8" The width pf the line and the space between them gives depth and shade to the work.

Rose Bud.
A larger image of the right hand bud from the painting on the left. The density of the ink will affect the overall apperance and the amount of brush work needed.

 All Artwork © Jacqui Blackman 1994

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