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 I enjoy the directness of  Pastels and I mostly work on Pastel card and watercolour paper. 
I often use pastels when I'm working outside, sketch book style, I find them quick, easy and useful.
Where I want a smooth finish I use Zest-it (either the brush cleaner or the pencil blend) to blend the Pastel when working on Watercolour paper.
I don't use Zest-it when working on Pastel card (it can remove some surfaces), for blending on this I use colour shapers or a tortillon (paper stump), it saves on the fingers!
Somerset printing paper from St.Cuthberts Mill is also an excellent paper for soft pastels and it's archival properties are very sound. I use these types of papers because I don't like the mechanical patterned surface of some papers recommended for Pastels - you need to find what works best for you.

beech wood was a very detailed painting this picture does not do it justice

this quick pastel was painted on site over a previously painted watercolour

Beech Wood. 11.5" x 8.5" Soft Pastel on 170 lb Pastel Card. Sold
Click for a larger view

Thornton Reservoir.
Quick Pastel sketch, over a watercolour under painting on Arches rough, for an Oil painting. 13.5" x 9.5"

the tiger is oil pastel on watercolour paper still in good condition even though the paper was unprimed

over the wall pastel on black paper

The Tiger.
This Oil Pastel on Watercolour Paper is over 30 years old. 7.0" x 4.5" (nfs)

Visit the Oil Pastel page on to find out more about them.

'Looking over the wall'. An almost monochrome pastel on black 90lb paper, using a 'looser' approach. 8" x 5"

pastel sycamore

half horse was completed one evening

Autumn Sycamore.
Soft Pastel on Mona Lisa Pastel paper, it's takes Pastels well but only about 90 lb weight. I find it better mounted on mount board before working. 11" x 8" (nfs)

The Pony.
On 170 lb Grey Pastel card. 10.5" x 7.5" This Pastel was completed in an evening, for an unexpected demonstration I was asked to do the next day.

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