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Pen and Ink

Single Dip Pen Nibs, Mapping, Writing, Drawing and Calligraphy nibs and reservoirs


As a highly qualified Draughtswoman I spent many years working at a drawing board using inks of all types to create work that would be completed digitally today.
The skills required involved working with linens, papers, photos, maps, boards, acetate, Draughting film and many surfaces unavailable today, this gave a wide repertoire of ink skills and knowledge of surfaces.

Most of this work was completed using Dip pen nibs, Ruling pen, Graphos pen and Technical pens.
It was also required to know and understand the many technical instruments used in the Drawing Office. 

When time allows I enjoy reconditioning the wonderful Graphos Pens which I used in my work for over 15 years. They ceased production in the 1970's, mine was stolen in the 1990's and I didn't think I would be able to replace it, but I'm very grateful there is a higher power!

To have enjoyed your work on a Drawing board, you needed to enjoy 'pen and ink' - I still do!

extra fine needle point nib

Dip Pen Nibs.
What sort of dip pen nib to choose for Drawing with ink? Is often a question asked, especially for those new to pen and ink work. Plenty of information here about the main types of dip pen nib, how to choose one that works for you and the effect you want. It also explains about the elasticity of the nib and how it works according to your hand pressure.

You can use this link to see a selection of dip pen nibs in our eShop

two inks

Some interesting and insightful comments about these inks can be found on this forum link  


ink blob

Ink properties and its use.
An introduction to ink properties, what the properties mean to you and choosing the right type for your work. Which type of ink to use where and getting the ink to flow from the nib.

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