beechwood pastel painting

My thanks to all who have expressed their thoughts both spoken and written.

Dear Jacqui
Thank you for your wonderful Flower Painting CD.
Thank you kindly,
Barbara M. (USA)

I have just spent a really enjoyable hour plus watching your Flower Painting Oils wet-on-wet I feel I have learned a lot from this DVD that I can use on other subjects.
Kind Regards

Dear Jacqui,
I really enjoyed your Realistic Trees video, loved your beech tree sketch and I'm now looking forward to 'having a go'.

many thanks,

Fabulous e-book! I have been painting for a long time but always always feel the need to learn.

Thank you for your book.

Chris Meigs

Many thanks Jacqui for your very prompt reply.

I usually do watercolours, and I am going to do some in oils, the portability of the paper is very tempting.
I will also enjoy starting fresh with your CD. So much Information! Wonderful.

Hi, Jacqui
Greetings from the US! I have received your CD and it is exactly what I was looking for. All the info a beginning oil painter would need. I have been painting for several months. And being retired I do have time to devote to it. I am a photographer and as such have a good understanding of perspective and composition. Putting paint to canvas is another matter. I'm not doing to badly though; I need to learn what the different brushes can do and how to use them. Your CD will sure help me in that.
Thanks, Steve Maynard. Steve Maynard samart 22 @ yahoo .com

Dear Jacqui,

What can I say! A beautiful piece of work.

Well presented in a style that's easy to read and understand; easy to navigate following a logical order; the step by step with both video and picture makes learning easy and I'm only half way through!
I'd always felt I'd never be a painter, having been to many workshops, various courses, watched numerous videos and read many volumes, but you have given me hope and for that a big Thank you.

Thank you again,

Hi Jacqui,

It is an amazing piece of work Jacqui...... It is delightfully entertaining, highly instructive, very professional and I love it and if I can't paint now......I NEVER WILL!  Thank you so much.

Incidentally, I did like your autumnal leaves .........what a lovely picture.

Best wishes,


Hi Jacqui,

I'm well impressed with the CD. I was sceptical at first, especially at the price, but it's worth every penny and more.
Do you have a Degree in Perspective? I'd never fully understood perspective until completing the section...... at long last someone who understands perspective and explains it in a way that's easy to comprehend.
Thank you. I now feel much happier with my landscapes and have had positive comments about them, I also enjoy painting on the gesso paper, a unique surface that suites my technique well.

kind regards,
P.S. Thanks for your help sorting out the video on my old machine!

Hello Jacqui,

What a wonderful project you have put together.

It's a lovely use of the music and you've put together a very clear and superb package. It certainly has my blessing.

Best Wishes,

Hi Jacqui,

Very impressive piece of work, love the navigation.


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