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   Oils are a favourite because they are amenable, expressive and fun. I usually paint them wet-on-wet, on canvas, board, objects or wood, especially for Tole painting.
I use both bristle and soft haired brushes, mainly soft haired where a detailed finish is required. The Lilies were painted within a day from live flowers using Zest-it Clear painting medium, as was Spring click to view.
For more detailed information about oil painting have a look at oil paint, brushes, techniques which are at web site which is dedicated to painting with Oils.

worcester cathedral painted wet on wet and from life
Into Leicester was painted for a friend, who inspected it with' microscopic' vision!

Red Fire Dragon.
Commissioned as a present and
went all the way to Canada.
Oil on 16" x 20" canvas.

Into Leicester.
Oil on canvas. 20" x 16"
(Private collection)
All about perspective.

lillies painted in a day from fresh flowers

Blue Anemones
Oils on Saunders Waterford paper
11" x 8" a larger images on the home page.


Oils painted wet-on-wet, using Zest-it, on a 20" x 16" Canvas. (not for sale)

windmill painted wet-on-wet for a workshop
white rose painted with oils on watercolour paper

The Windmill.
Oil on canvas 24" x 18"


White Rose.
Oil on Watercolour paper. 11" x 8" on Saunders Waterford nfs

tole lemon painting
windmill painted wet-on-wet for a workshop

Tole painting. Lemons painted wet-on-wet using Zest-it Clear painting medium, on varnished mount board. nfs.


White Magnolia
Oils painted wet-on-wet on an Inked watercolour paper.

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