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Gouache is great for fine art, illumination and illustration work, quick drying and correctable.
If you've not tried it, it's a bit like using a controllable, thick watercolour paint.
Gouache has an opaque, matt, almost velvet finish and I find it another amenable medium. For an introduction to Gouache painting click the link.
For all of the paintings on this page the subject was drawn first, this allows for any corrections before putting either medium to paper, although both are correctable, the corrections always show to the experienced eye!
I rarely work above 10" x 8" with these two media.


Gouache can be used in mixed media painting.

These mushrooms were painted from life with Gouache paint, on HP WColour paper 10" x 8" Sold.
Click for a detailed view

A unusual specimen! Gouache on watercolour paper. 10" x 8" Sold
click for a larger view

gouache mushroom painting

Gouache can be used with watercolour

gouache poppy outlined in gold

The Liquid Gouache inks were used to paint this mushroom using Sable and synthetic filament brushes, on 115 lb Bristol Board.

Poppy painted with Gouache.
Outlined in Gold Metal Ink using a dip pen.
Demo painting.

gouache step-by-step painting

Gouache can be used to underpaint before oil painting.

gouache and dip pen

Part of the step-by-step painting in the Gouache Painting Techniques ebook.

Gouache in a dip pen being used to put the waterlines in a painting.

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