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   I prefer to use Acrylic on heavy weight watercolour paper, I can then make use of washes at the beginning of the painting and have more texture and detail at the end.

I use both bristle and soft haired brushes and any other tools that will give the effect, for the leaking lock a toothbrush! Quite a few of my Acrylics are on Whatman watercolour paper which allows many washes but little correction, it requires 'a 'drier' way of painting' than most people paint watercolour, and Acrylic works fine.

The Whatman watercolour paper has ceased production, however St Cuthberts Mill have produced a paper called 'Millford' which is made in the same way as its unique predecessor. View Millford at St Cuthberts


cawoods push pull tug

wakefield from the canal - barge on right is called Hunts Eve

A Cawoods Hargreaves 'push-pull' tug, in a rush, one calm May evening on the Aire and Calder Canal. 18.5" x 14.5" 140 lb Whatman Watercolour paper. nfs

St Cuthbert Mill

Sunset over Wakefield from the Canal. (nfs)
14.0" x 10.0" on 140 lb Whatman Watercolour paper.

The Shroppy - the shropshire union canal


leaking lock on the Erewash canal

One late Spring evening, on the Shropshire Union Canal. 16" x 12" 140 lb Saunders w/c paper. nfs

The Leaking Lock won a Second Prize in the
Derby Open Exhibition

Leaking Lock on the Erewash Canal, Derbyshire. I got rather wet! 12.0" x 8.0" 140 lb Whatman paper. nfs

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