beechwood pastel painting


Oils on Watercolour paper.

blue anemones painted with oils on watercolour paper

Blue Anemones

close up of anemone flower painted in oils
These Blue Anemone flowers were painted with Oil paint on 300 lb (686 gm) Saunders Waterford watercolour paper, primed with Gelatine, using oil paint.

The Oil paint was thinned with Zest-it Brush Cleaner and Dilutant and used to paint the background. Additional oil colours were added whilst it was still wet, very little paint was needed and it was gently brushed to blend - giving a delicate watercolour effect. Its best to test this type of 'thin' oil painting, as too thin and the paint may leave the surface.

The background could have been 'inked' before the oil paint was applied, this would have given a very similar effect.

The Anemone flowers were under-painted using thinned oil paint and then oil paint and Zest-it Clear Painting medium to paint the petals, buds and leaves. The thickness of the oil paint gave substance to the flowers against the soft background.

The texture of the paper can be clearly seen in the above close up, which is larger than life size.

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